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Amazon Specialist Job Description


  • Create and maintain product listings on Amazon, optimising the names, descriptions, and photos of the products.

  • Utilise SEO techniques and keyword research to raise sales and product visibility.

  • To find areas for improvement, track and examine Amazon sales and performance data.

  • Organise and control Amazon advertising programmes, including sponsored product advertisements and display adverts.

  • Answering client questions and resolving problems with Amazon purchases and items

  • Maintaining compliance with Amazon standards and best practises can help you increase your chances of making sales.


  • Create and update product listings on Amazon while optimising the goods’ names, descriptions, and images.

  • To increase sales and product visibility, use SEO strategies and keyword research.

  • Track and analyse Amazon sales and performance data to identify areas that need improvement.

  • Organise and manage Amazon’s advertising campaigns, which may include sponsored product ads and display ads.

  • Addressing customer inquiries and resolving issues with Amazon orders and products

  • Your chances of earning sales can be improved by continuing to adhere to Amazon policies and recommended practises.

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We’ll find you amazing remote employees for up to 80% less

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