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AP / AR Specialist Job Description


Accounts Payable:

  1. Expense Management: Allocate expenses to relevant accounts and cost centers, while overseeing petty cash usage.

  2. Vendor Relations: Validate vendor accounts and process vendor payments.

  3. Discrepancy Resolution: Address discrepancies in purchase orders, invoices, and payments.

  4. Purchase Order Management: Manage purchase order adjustments and payment halts.

  5. Payroll Monitoring: Supervise payroll expenses, including salary advances and overtime disbursements.

  6. Account Reconciliation: Align account transactions with the general ledger.

  7. Financial Reporting: Maintain records and prepare accurate financial reports.

  8. Regulatory Awareness: Stay updated on accounting best practices and regulatory compliance.

Accounts Receivable:

  1. Financial Transactions: Execute daily financial activities adhering to financial protocols.

  2. Transaction Handling: Manage various aspects of accounts receivable data, from verification to classification and computation.

  3. Invoice and Deposit Preparation: Create invoices, bills, and prepare bank deposits.

  4. Reconciliation: Ensure the accounts receivable ledger is balanced and all payments are accurately recorded.

  5. Discrepancy Resolution: Address and resolve client billing discrepancies.

  6. Payment Facilitation: Support invoice settlement by sending reminders and interacting with clients.

  7. Statement Generation: Prepare detailed financial statements outlining accounts receivable status.

Efficiently handle accounts payable duties, including expense allocation and vendor relations, resolve discrepancies, manage purchase orders, monitor payroll expenses, reconcile accounts, and ensure compliance. For accounts receivable, manage financial transactions, process data, prepare invoices, reconcile, resolve discrepancies, facilitate payments, and produce comprehensive financial statements.


  1. Professional Experience: Documented track record as an Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist or in a comparable role.

  2. Software Proficiency: Display advanced skills in accounting and business management software.

  3. Principle Proficiency: Exhibit extensive knowledge of AP/AR principles, accounting standards, and industry regulations.

  4. Reconciliation Expertise: Possess substantial experience in thorough account reconciliation.

  5. Time Management: Demonstrate exceptional time management and organizational capabilities.

  6. Collaboration and Communication: Showcase excellent collaboration and communication skills.

  7. Financial Insight: Hold a strong grasp of fundamental accounting principles, fair credit practices, and collection regulations.

  8. Financial Record Management: Demonstrate proven ability in accounting calculations, posting, and record management.

  9. Data Skills: Possess data entry skills and a natural aptitude for working with numbers.

With documented expertise in Accounts Payable/Receivable roles, advanced software proficiency, comprehensive knowledge of financial principles and regulations, reconciliation prowess, effective time management, strong collaboration and communication skills, understanding of accounting fundamentals and credit practices, solid financial record management abilities, and adeptness with data entry and numerical tasks, you are well-suited for this role.

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