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Head of Finance Job Description


  1. Result Forecasting: Predict monthly, quarterly, and annual outcomes.

  2. Budget Oversight: Authorize or decline budgets.

  3. Risk Management: Execute risk assessment and management.

  4. Investment Decision: Evaluate and make decisions concerning investments.

  5. Team Supervision: Lead a team of Accountants, providing supervision.

  6. Resource Allocation: Allocate resources and manage cash flows.

  7. Profit and Cost Analysis: Conduct analyses of profits and costs.

  8. Confidentiality Procedures: Create secure procedures for maintaining confidential data.

  9. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure accounting and internal audits align with financial regulations.

  10. Board Consultation: Collaborate with board members regarding funding choices.

  11. Cost-Effective Solutions: Recommend strategies for reducing costs.

Accurately forecast financial outcomes, approve budgets, manage risk, evaluate investments, lead an Accountant team, manage resources and cash flow, analyze profits and costs, establish secure procedures, ensure regulatory compliance, consult board members on funding, and suggest efficient cost-saving measures to optimize financial management.


  1. Proven Leadership: Establish a track record as a Head of Finance, Director of Finance, or similar position.

  2. Financial Expertise: Possess comprehensive understanding of cash flow management, bank reconciliation, and bookkeeping.

  3. Budgeting Proficiency: Display hands-on competence in budgeting and risk management.

  4. Data Analysis: Exhibit excellent proficiency in data analysis and forecasting models.

  5. Software Skills: Proficiently navigate accounting software.

  6. Analytical Aptitude: Showcase strong analytical and decision-making capabilities.

  7. Leadership Traits: Demonstrate effective leadership skills.

  8. Educational Background: Hold a Bachelor’s degree (BSc/BA) in Accounting, Finance, or a relevant field.

  9. Advanced Qualification: A Master’s degree (MSc/MBA) or relevant certification (e.g., CFA/CPA) is a valuable advantage.

Showcase your leadership prowess as a Head of Finance, understand key financial aspects, manage cash flow and reconciliation, handle budgeting and risk, excel in data analysis and forecasting, navigate accounting software, demonstrate analytical and leadership skills, hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree, and consider advanced qualifications or certifications for enhanced qualifications.

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