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Utilize SherlockScout to discover exceptional personnel from the Philippines, offering cost savings of up to 80% compared to their US counterparts.

Never hired abroad? Here's what you're missing out on..

Refreshing work ethic! Talent in Central, South America, and the Philippines working for US employers are paid 2-3x the salary paid in the local economy. They’re excited for the opportunity and eager to keep their employers happy!

Culture fit! We live in a global world. Don’t be surprised when your Filipino employee knows more about your favorite Netflix series or US current affairs.

It’s normal to work US time zones in the Philippines. Many enjoy working at night and playing by day!

Processing payroll is so much easier with the advent of payment platforms like Transferwise and Payoneer.

You're in good hands

We’re founded in the US and operate by American standards. Our customers rely on our transparency, honest consultation, and knowledge of their business.

10+ years of growing our database of vetted global talent.

Well trained team of dedicated recruiters in the Philippines and Colombia

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Click "Start Hiring" and tell us about the role you need filled. A Scout will schedule a meeting with you to understand the role and requirements.

The detective work begins. The Scouts will interview candidates until we find 3 candidates ideal for your role.

Sherlock will help schedule interviews with candidates and help you pick the best person for the job.

We have a flat fee of $5000 per search. We don't work on percentage of salary like our competitors, so you know we're motivated to find you talent at the best possible rate. Each hire comes with a 90 day replacement guarantee, ensuring you have the best person for your team.

We can help you find the perfect overseas talent for your agency, no matter what role you need to fill.

Below are several roles we have the capacity to fill with exceptional individuals.


80% Average Savings


81% Average Savings

Customer Support

82% Average Savings

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