Who is Sherlock Scout?

Who is
Sherlock Scout?

We are your worldwide detective searching for amazing talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring a US-based employee.

For the past decade, our global teams have helped organizations spend fractions of their payroll costs by recruiting and hiring the best offshore talent. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to early-stage startups.

“The folks at Sherlock exceeded my expectations. I had never hired someone offshore before, but the entire team made the process really simple.”

- Joseph Washington, PA

“Trying to find overseas talent has always been challenging. Sherlock was able to find 5 marketing specialists for my agency. They were so good that I hired 4 of them!”

- JT Los Angeles, CA

“Professional, fast, and extremely pleasant to work with. It feels like I am their top priority every time I use their service. Strongly recommend Sherlock.”

- Angela Greensboro, NC

“I absolutely love working with Sherlock. They always provide such talented candidates! I’ve hired salespeople, administrative staff, and an IT support person. They are all rockstars!”

- Paige Providence, RI

“Sherlock is a hidden gem. We have used a variety of agencies in the past, but will only work with Sherlock moving forward. We could not be more satisfied with the support we get!”

- Yoel Cleveland, OH

“The talent has been nothing short of excellent, but their service has been even better. The cherry on the sundae is how we have been able to reduce our payroll expense without sacrificing the service of my company. Well done!”

Weston Flagstaff, AZ

Hiring Abroad is cheaper? No sh*t Sherlock!

Yes, we all know hiring abroad saves employers thousands of dollars. But where do we find quality talent? That’s what SherlockScout has perfected over 10+ years of recruiting specialized talent in the Philippines, and Central & South America.

We vet for:

Fluency in spoken and written English
Talent accustomed to working remotely in multiple time zones and have reliable WiFi
Specialists who have been trained by global companies in sales, customer/tech support, e-commerce, software engineers, marketing, and more!

The Girl

Never hired abroad? Here's what you're missing out on..

Refreshing work ethic! Talent in Central, South America, and the Philippines working for US employers are paid 2-3x the salary paid in the local economy. They’re excited for the opportunity and eager to keep their employers happy!

Culture fit! We live in a global world. Don’t be surprised when your Filipino employee knows more about your favorite Netflix series or US current affairs.

It’s normal to work US time zones in the Philippines. Many enjoy working at night and playing by day!

Processing payroll is so much easier with the advent of payment platforms like Transferwise and Payoneer.

You're in good hands

We’re founded in the US and operate by American standards. Our customers rely on our transparency, honest consultation, and knowledge of their business.

10+ years of growing our database of vetted global talent.

Well trained team of dedicated recruiters in the Philippines and Colombia

Leave it with Sherlock

Click "Start Hiring" and tell us about the role you need filled. A Scout will schedule a meeting with you to understand the role and requirements.

The detective work begins. The Scouts will interview candidates until we find 3 candidates ideal for your role.

Sherlock will help schedule interviews with candidates and help you pick the best person for the job.

We have a flat fee of $5000 per search. We don't work on percentage of salary like our competitors, so you know we're motivated to find you talent at the best possible rate. Each hire comes with a 90 day replacement guarantee, ensuring you have the best person for your team.

Lower your costs by up to 86%

Here are some of the roles we can fill with amazing people.


80% Average Savings


81% Average Savings

Customer Support

82% Average Savings

Let's Start Hiring!

Contact us today to learn more about how SherlockScout can help you find the top international talent for your organization.

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