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Marketing Manager Job Description


  1. Traffic Generation: Formulate strategies to drive qualified traffic effectively.

  2. Marketing Campaigns: Execute successful marketing campaigns, leading them from concept to implementation.

  3. Acquisition Channels: Experiment with diverse organic and paid acquisition channels, such as content creation, PPC campaigns, social media, lead generation, and more.

  4. Engaging Content: Develop valuable content for our website and blog that engages and converts target audiences.

  5. Partnership Building: Establish strategic partnerships with industry leaders, agencies, and vendors.

  6. Budget Management: Prepare, monitor, and judiciously allocate the marketing budget on quarterly and annual bases.

  7. Material Oversight: Supervise marketing collateral, from website banners to brochures and case studies.

  8. Performance Evaluation: Measure and report on campaign performance, gather insights, and assess against objectives.

  9. Behaviour Analysis: Analyse consumer behaviour and adapt email and advertising campaigns accordingly.

Effectively drive traffic, execute compelling campaigns, explore acquisition channels, create engaging content, foster key partnerships, manage budgets, oversee marketing material, evaluate campaign performance, and adjust strategies based on consumer behaviour for optimal marketing outcomes.


  1. Experience and Eagerness: Showcase demonstrated marketing experience alongside the potential and willingness to learn.

  2. Audience Insight: Prove your capability in identifying target audiences and creatively orchestrating cross-channel marketing campaigns that captivate, educate, and inspire.

  3. Website Analytics: Possess a robust grasp of website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, and WebTrends.

  4. Google Adwords: Display a track record in establishing and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns.

  5. Numerical Proficiency: Comfortably handle numbers, interpret metrics, and process data using spreadsheets.

  6. Aesthetic Sensibility: Embrace a sense of aesthetics, coupled with a fondness for compelling copy and clever communication.

  7. Trend Awareness: Keep up-to-date with the latest online marketing trends and best practices for effective measurement.

  8. Educational Background: Hold a Bachelor’s (BSc) or Master’s (MSc) degree in Marketing or a related field.

With a blend of experience and enthusiasm, adeptness in audience understanding, proficiency in website analytics and Google Adwords, numerical competency, aesthetic appreciation, trend awareness, and a degree in Marketing or a related field, you’re well-qualified to excel in this role.

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