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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Job Description


  1. Resident Point of Contact: Serve as the primary liaison for existing and potential residents, offering virtual support for various needs, from maintenance requests to lease inquiries.

  2. Virtual Assistance: Provide virtual support, assisting with maintenance requests, lease signings, scheduling property viewings, conveying pricing details, and following up on resident events.

  3. Delinquency Follow-up: Proactively engage with residents regarding delinquency accounts, ensuring timely resolution and maintaining financial stability.

  4. Document Execution: Manage essential paperwork, including leases, lease amendments, property-level contracts, and lease renewals, fostering efficient property management.

  5. Effective Communication: Disseminate important announcements and notifications to residents through multiple communication channels, ensuring information reaches the intended audience.

  6. Administrative Support: Collaborate with the operations manager, assisting in resident, vendor, and in-house task management while ensuring smooth administrative operations.

  7. Office Management: Oversee general office tasks, including ordering office supplies, coordinating maintenance requests, and scheduling couriers for streamlined operations.

  8. Financial Management: Handle monthly asset management fees for all assets/entities, contributing to accurate financial record-keeping.

  9. Expense Reporting: Prepare monthly executive and employee expense reports, manage receipt filings, and ensure accurate data uploads.

  10. Legal Coordination: Collaborate with legal counsel for annual shareholder/partnership resolutions and filings, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  11. Market Research: Conduct market research to gather insights and trends, contributing to informed decision-making processes.

  12. Contact List Management: Maintain organized and updated contact lists for effective communication and engagement.

  13. Calendar and Task Management: Assist with calendar management and appointment scheduling, ensuring efficient time utilization.

  14. Task Coordination: Create and manage task reminders for the team, facilitating task completion and timely follow-ups.

  15. Rent Payment Assistance: Provide guidance and support to residents for rent payment processing, enhancing tenant satisfaction.

These responsibilities collectively contribute to efficient property management, streamlined operations, and enhanced resident experiences.


  • Virtual Assistance Experience: Prior experience as a Virtual Assistant, with a preference for candidates who have worked in Real Estate-related companies, showcasing familiarity with industry dynamics.

  • Computer Proficiency: Mastery in various computer programs, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Google Drive, and Dropbox, ensuring effective digital task management.

  • Responsive Communication: Capability to promptly respond to phone calls, texts, and emails within standard time frames during working hours, ensuring efficient communication.

  • Organizational Acumen: Possess strong organizational skills, a pivotal trait for effectively managing tasks, schedules, and maintaining order.

  • Property Management Software Proficiency (Preferred): Proficiency in using property management software is preferred, demonstrating familiarity with tools integral to real estate operations.

  • Online Calendar and Scheduling Knowledge: Familiarity with online calendars and scheduling tools (e.g., Outlook, Doodle), facilitating efficient time management and scheduling coordination.

These qualifications collectively form the foundation for a capable Virtual Assistant who can excel in the dynamic landscape of real estate operations.

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